Desk study

Within the study area a review is made of designated sites of nature conservation, Local Environmental Records Centre ecology data, and habitat distribution information.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

This comprises a site survey carried out by an ecologist. The Phase 1 Habitat Survey compiles a list of botanical species, using their occurrence to classify the various habitat types present. The survey is extended to assess the potential use of the site for protected and/or priority species such as great crested newt, badger and bats.

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Report (PEAR)

A PEAR typically includes; survey methodologies and results, likely ecological constraints with reference to legislation and policy, and outlines any relevant ecological mitigation/enhancement and/or further survey recommendations if required. The report includes a Geographical Information System (GIS) generated map of habitats within the site.

The price may vary based on the location, size and complexity of the site. We will advise you on the need for a full PEA in the first instance, as in some cases it is possible to move to specific surveys such as a bat survey. The price above excludes the cost of Local Environmental Records Centre ecology data (if required).