Our vision is to achieve ecological excellence for development projects, whilst meeting commercial realities.


Our experience includes projects of all sizes, from single residential developments to major rail and motorway infrastructure projects.


Our Values

Our values are central to the way we work, guiding the ethos of staff and dictating our approach to projects.

Competitive Pricing

As an independent SME company, we deliver a high-quality specialist service at a competitive price. We believe that ecological solutions at a competitive price foster a positive commercial attitude to wildlife conversation.


We place innovation at the heart of what we do, combining technological advances with innovative yet proven survey techniques. There is a more efficient way to do everything, and we work to find it.


Our ecologists are members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and hold a range of Natural England protected species licences. Our staff attend industry conferences, events and courses, along with having the passion for voluntary self-directed learning and wildlife survey practice. We stay at the forefront of ecology.


Elton Ecology treats clients how we wish to be treated. That means going the extra distance to meet deadlines, transparency, and confidential project discussion. We recognise that different clients have different needs, preferences and communication styles, which we strive to meet.